We Did It! (Final Crowdfunding Update)

Hi, Boba Gang!

Thank you all SOOO SO much for supporting our crowdfunding campaign (not Kickstarter) and making it a huge success!

With funds raised by the campaign, me and a ragtag team of over 40 friends, family, and boba drinking strangers were able to fulfill over 7,500 orders Labor Day weekend!

The post-crowdfunding phase was full of hurdles such as...

  • PayPal withholding $100,000 of our funds raised...
  • the price of whey suddenly spiking to the highest price it has EVER been...
  • and sea freight lead times being twice as long.

However, with your help and our collectively shared love for boba, we face a 1-month delay and WE. PULLED. THROUGH!

Together we will make this the BEST, healthy boba brand ever!!



...last bit of news...restock coming up in about 2 weeks 👀🤫