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Hi, everyone!

My name is Neil, owner of Boba Tea Protein, and I want to talk about our most recent pre-order phase (that's still going on) and what we will be doing going forward to fix it.

First, I want to say that although whatever factors made us delay shipping out your orders are significant, I take full responsibility for how long it has taken to ship out your orders and we will be doing a number of things to make our pre-orders run much more efficiently in hopes to deliver your orders within 8 weeks; 10 weeks tops.

HERE'S THE GAME PLAN (for future pre-orders)


We have accomplished and will be implementing three things to hopefully cut our pre-order phase delivery time in half.

  • CASH INJECTION - We have recently received a major ash injection into the company from an undisclosed source that has matched 50% of our all-time revenue, allowing us to move faster, and I am still able to keep 100% equity in the company. I was ecstatic and in disbelief, but this is a huge cash injection for the company and we are using that cash ENTIRELY to buffer our overseas supply. Which leads us to our next point!

  • IMPROVED SUPPLY CHAIN FLOW - Our goal with this line of credit is to have any raw goods we get from overseas constantly in stock at our manufacturing facility so that we never have to wait on overseas supply ever again. Supply from overseas is absolutely the main thing keeping us from moving faster and we will fix that with this line of credit. Based on our projections, this should allow us to deliver your orders WITHIN 8 WEEKS; 10 weeks tops. This is a huge management task from both a supply chain logistics standpoint and financial controlling standpoint, but we have a plan to ensure this is executed properly as well…which leads me to my next point (again)!

  • OUR FIRST HIRE  - I will formally introduce you all to her at a later date, but as of a month ago, we hired the company’s VERY FIRST employee 🥳 She is manning the position of Supply Chain and Financial Controller, meaning there will be one person whose entire job is to manage the backbone of the business to make sure we run as smoothly as possible, and continue to run more efficiently as we scale the company. There were definitely moments in the last few months where I was stretched so thin that my responsibilities did not allow us to move our supply / products more quickly and because of those moments, it cemented in me that this is absolutely our most important first hire.

    She has 2 business degrees (including an MBA) which both included 4.0 GPAs. She will be manning this position and executing our game plan with her incredible skills, experience, and reputation.


At minimum, I will be sending out an email and text update (if you signed up for text) every 2 weeks to give you the latest and more detailed updates about the progress of your order.



Prior to our first hire, I did everything… like literally everything from customer service emails, to product development, to social media posts, to website design, to influencer management, etc. Product development is a constant thing as I have made small improvements to the formula with every launch based on your feedback and based on the level I envision us achieving from a flavoring standpoint. To help with the base level R&D, meaning the “first draft” of each new product, I am now working extremely closely with a product development company which I chose entirely based on their team's familiarity and experience with Asian flavors. I am SO picky with how I want these to taste and I wasn't going to accept working with a team who did not want to achieve the same level of product as I do.


My main responsibility at Boba Tea Protein should be product development as there’s no one else I know who can develop my products the way I envision it, plus I LOVE doing it! Additionally, I want to transition myself to do more front-facing things and interact with you guys more on my own social media and maybe a YouTube channel in the future. To make this happen, as soon as we are able to do launches on a regular pace (which means we will have a more regular cash flow), I will be hiring a full-time content creator and customer service rep to join the team! If you're interested, be on the look out!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE! I apologize so much for the wait, but I hope you find our current game plan sufficient enough to continue to support me and my company and I love you guys so much!! T_T

As always, if you guys need anything FEEL FREE to email me at and I’ll always get back to you! I love your feedback and compliments and stories you have all shared with me. It means so much to me especially considering how I basically had nothing before I started this.

Thank you so much and I will see you all next time! ^_^

With love and all things boba,

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