First Launch Recap

During our first launch, we sold out in exactly 35 minutes.

We had 3 products, 2 bundles, and 3 accessories

16 months of work closed out in less than an hour...

I am absolutely floored.


None of this is possible without your support and unending love for boba culture!

With your continued support, Boba Tea Protein is going to be the brand that fully bridges the gap between fitness, boba, and lifestyle, and I am HERE to see that vision through.

Until then, please keep spreading our brand through word-of-mouth and social media so we can keep bringing you all cool stuff.

We have an insane 2021 planned and would love to have you along for the ride!

My wife, my bunny, and I cannot thank you all enough and we’re excited to see you all during our next launch in January!

With love and all things boba,